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For a change of pace I tried to write a 1,000-word short story for each of the W40K factions. I've read all of three Horus Heresy novels and a bunch of Wiki entries and never actually played the game, so these are probably as uncanonical and wrong as you can get, but they were kind of fun to do.

Imperium: A Few Questions


Update July 30, 2020: I think the BT stuff has been up for long enough, several years in some cases, that interest has more or less dried up. The pages sometimes get a ping or two, but that's either bots or people who leave no comment or feedback so there's nothing in it for me, quite frankly. So I've taken all the pages down and deleted the PDF files from Dropbox.

If you're still interested in one of these stories, drop me a line (such as by leaving a comment on this page) and let me know. 


  1. Hi, took me over an hour to look you up from the old forums for the battletech game. I would love to get your works from 2018 onward since I am a fan of your BT works. Take heart, your work is better than most I've come tier.

    1. What's your user ID on the BattleTech forums? I'll DM you a link.

    2. It's the same as here...not very imaginative I know...

    3. Huh, odd, you don't show up in the list of BT site users:;sa=all;start=n#lettern
      Probably easier if you PM me (Dubble_g) on the site then, & I'll send the link.

    4. Apologies for the confusion, was talking about the BT game forum now hosted by Paradox but I am now registered at the main BT forum. Thanks again in advance.