Original Fiction Index

An index to my works of original short fiction.


Theseus's Axe: A nameless narrator inhabits different bodies from day to day--today a journalist, the next day a policeman, the next day a university professor. Their existence is threatened when they discover someone is hunting down and killing souls like themselves.

Viking fiction

Series of Viking-themed fantasy stories, revolving around a wandering skald (bard) who may, or may not, be the emissary of the trickster god, the trickster god himself, or just a bit of a loony. 

The World Serpent: First in the series, introducing the possibly-divine or semi-divine, possibly-gaga skald. A widowed woman wishes revenge upon her new husband. Careful what you wish for.

The Freedom of a King: Continues from the first story. The Northrike king hears about the death of one of his most powerful jarls, and ponders what it means for his kingdom and kingship. A visitor to the king's court receives a gift.

A Tale of Two Stories: The skald from The World Serpent shares stories with a traveling companion, and changes his destination.

A King's Wish: King Ivar prepares to depart for the Althing. His councilors each have their own ideas about how he should resolve the question of the jarl's succession.

Random scribblings

Moral Hazards (Fantasy)

Peter Bell is just your regular, average papal indulgence salesman, providing remission for sins at very reasonable rates. There are those, however, who would rather people find forgiveness the old-fashioned way.

Dragon Chrysalis (Fantasy)

Examines the origin of dragons and the way in which wars consume those who participate in them.

Daughter of Time (Science Fiction)

The crew on board a colony ship faces disaster when they become stranded in hyperspace. Fairly simple plotwise, instead focusing more on dealing with the unknown and unknowable, especially death. For my Aunt Maureen, miss you terribly. 

The Last Man and the End of History (Fantasy)

Apologies to Francis Fukuyama for stealing his title, though I doubt most people still remember his essay. Anyhow, inspired by fiction like Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" and Terry Pratchett's "Small Gods", set in a universe where mortal belief controls the existence of the divine, and looks at what happens when we all believe the world is about to end. Well, almost all of us.

Floating in a Most Peculiar Way (Science Fiction)

An experiment in voice more than anything else. I really enjoyed writing this, had a lot of fun with it, and was pretty bummed out that none of the editors I showed it to thought so. The fools, I'll show them, I'll show them all. By, er, self-publishing in the least impactful manner imaginable. Ah fuckit. Anyway.

A robot probe en route to make first contact with an alien intelligence reflects on the difficulties of communication.

A Couple of Minutes (Science Fiction)

Bit of a throwaway, this one. As mentioned above, I have a perverse love of stories that circle back around themselves, so this was an experiment on doing one involving parallel/infinite universes. Again, I kind of liked the voice, but that's just me.

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